Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it

Edmund Burke 1729 an Irish Satesman

How does this relate to my home?

Have you ever thought about the best parts of the homes you grew up in, and also the worst parts? Have you interviewed your partner with the same questions? Think of your history!

What might subconsciously be the perfect house for you, might be the worst house for your partner! With a recent client, we looked at more than 25 houses before I noticed a picture on the wall in their apartment. It was of a child hood home, and looked just like the house in the movie “Field of Dreams”. It was so perfect I imagined 50 acres of corn field right there in the yard, with a baseball diamond cut into the crop.

We immediately changed our tack, understanding she needed more space, as she had grown up on a dairy farm with lots of open space. We stopped looking at houses with smaller yards, and luckily found them the perfect house.