Fundraising Scarves

I love to be creative, and until now my creativity has been in home design and construction. I’ve completely renovated 3 large houses, but at 63 years old, my body can’t do the heavy lifting anymore. 

As a child, I watched my mom design and create her clothes, wedding dresses, and much of my sisters wardrobes too, but in 1960, a boy didn’t sew. In fact, she wouldn’t teach me anything about it even when she was 90 years old. Boys just don’t sew! She’d say, “Oh, Robert, let me do that!” 

I’ve still got a hand in real estate though, helping families buy and sell their dream homes. I enjoy helping clients find their dream home, and I love to give back by helping organizations fund their dreams too! Please try these scarves out, and I’d love to hear your ideas about them.   Pick one you like, shoot me an email, and I’ll deliver it for a small donation to a charity.